Bauer Supreme S170 Sr

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With one of the most anticipated new lines in goaltending in the recent years, Bauer has brought you one of the most engineered, designed, and technologically advanced line of gear. The Supreme S170 is packed with new features which strive to change the face of goaltending.

The S170 pad comes with a standard style sewing pattern in which the pad face is reverse sewn to present a bindingless clean look. Also, the internal core lacing only runs through the leg channel and not through the face of the pad to continue the sleek, clean look of the Supreme line. The internal structure of the pad is made of a standard HD and LD Foam mixture which still gives the pad a rigid core but also allows the plenty of flex within the thighrise and below the knee.

The leg channel features the same strapping but with a regular nylon leg channel. The S170 pad features a new style strapping system similar to their player line of Supreme Shin Guards. The Custom Rotation System allows for full Velcro strapping and adjustments for an extreme dialed in fit. The CRS straps both run above and below the calf muscle for a secure fit and the CRS Anchor straps runs in the middle of the calf from the outside of the leg to the inner leg. Next Bauer has taken traditional boot and toe strapping to another level, with simplifying the pieces making it simpler and faster for goalies to be dressed. The elastic toe ties now resemble a bungee cord effect where it can be tied tight to the front of the skate, but also allow for ultimate freedom of movement and tension release on the ankles. The boot strap is also made of an elastic material which provides the same function as the toe ties. Next, S170 pad features a removable and adjustable knee lock which continues the theme of the goalie being able to dial in their strapping and find what works best for them. This addition will give goalies the option to position their knee lock exactly where they feel the most secure. On top of that, the S170 comes with a standard knee and thigh guard which can affix to the pad via a Velcro tab or just be worn directly on the leg under the pants.

Overall the S170 is built for the Average level goalies looking for a pad with a decent amount of newer technology without breaking the bank!